Thursday, April 9, 2015

Santdosh 4th Birthday

Santdosh is 4!

This year's theme is football!.

Note: There is no mistake in the print out or was recycled! Due to his love for football, Ivan from Bola kampung cartoon and number 5, we have decided to fulfill his wishes!

No, its still Santdosh Birthday. From now onwards, he is known as Ivan from Bola Kampung Cartoon.

..And yes he loves number 5, so we had to get him number 5 even though he is 4 and yes pink is indeed his favorite color!

The rules of the games, which i thought was cool!
All the flags that he loved. I got this idea from Santdosh 1st concert, which fitted my theme!

 The full deco!
The full deco which i was so thrilled to do!

 The food
Ivan number 5 football cake
The drinks!

The rules of Football game!

 The deco on the table


All my uncles playing ball, according to santdosh!

The super cool water bottle door gift, that matches our theme!

Shuba's little helper wrote this. I just had to use is.

The present!

The happy Birthday Boy


ME and my little munchkins that i love!

Ok, thats the real mummy!
The cute little family!

The favorite grandpa that bought him the jersey!

The ammama!

The other grandparents that he adores!

Santdosh fist year birthday party was: jungle party

Santdosh second year birthday party was: wheel of the bus

Santdosh third year birthday party was: splash pocoyo party

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