Thursday, April 9, 2015

Santdosh 4th Birthday

Santdosh is 4!

This year's theme is football!.

Note: There is no mistake in the print out or was recycled! Due to his love for football, Ivan from Bola kampung cartoon and number 5, we have decided to fulfill his wishes!

No, its still Santdosh Birthday. From now onwards, he is known as Ivan from Bola Kampung Cartoon.

..And yes he loves number 5, so we had to get him number 5 even though he is 4 and yes pink is indeed his favorite color!

The rules of the games, which i thought was cool!
All the flags that he loved. I got this idea from Santdosh 1st concert, which fitted my theme!

 The full deco!
The full deco which i was so thrilled to do!

 The food
Ivan number 5 football cake
The drinks!

The rules of Football game!

 The deco on the table


All my uncles playing ball, according to santdosh!

The super cool water bottle door gift, that matches our theme!

Shuba's little helper wrote this. I just had to use is.

The present!

The happy Birthday Boy


ME and my little munchkins that i love!

Ok, thats the real mummy!
The cute little family!

The favorite grandpa that bought him the jersey!

The ammama!

The other grandparents that he adores!

Santdosh fist year birthday party was: jungle party

Santdosh second year birthday party was: wheel of the bus

Santdosh third year birthday party was: splash pocoyo party

Monday, December 29, 2014

The alphabets race!

Santdosh is chatter box! Up till two months ago, he asks' question differently. The way he ask, will assist any one to give an precise answer. I was so happy as I though he skipped the "why" moment. Boy, was I wrong.

Last Sunday, I was tired of answering his question.

Me: Oh Santdosh, why to do you ask lots of "why? WHY? wHy?

Santdosh: Because, why is a question!

And then the conversation went on sometime, he ask

Santdosh: Shuba, why is 'Z' last.

Me: (Huh!!!!) Hmm, one day all the alphabets went for racing and the letter 'A' was first. Because (there was a pause), 'A' has a 2 legs, it ran very fast. B has flat surface, so it slide all the way, 'O' was little bit slow because it need to roll over and 'I' had to hop all the way as t has only one leg! Z was last because 'Y' is always asking 'Z' questions.

(Oh dear, lucky he didn't ask why 'M' didnt run when got 2 pair of legs. Instead..

Santdosh: Shuba,did numbers also go for racing!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Spicey Mr Potato!

Santdosh doesn't like spicy food. But yesterday, he found his liking for spicey flavored Mr Potato Chips. And according to mom, he ate it with rice as though it was papadam*.  So as usual I came back home and was having conversation with him...

Santdosh: This is nice (said he while taking a bite).
Me: Not spicey!
Santdosh: He shake his head, indicating no!
Me: Can I have one. Pleaseeee!
Santdosh: No, its spicey! Only big girls and big boys can eat!
Me: I am big girl!
Santdosh: No you only 5.
Me: Then you?
Santdosh: You 5 and I am 4 years old. 4 years old is ok.
Me: Please, can I have 1!
Santdosh: No, its spicey and it will burn your tongue, burn your eyes and current will go through your head!
Me: Haiyoh, Sontdosh oh Santdosh!

*Papadam: Indian chips made from gram flour eaten with rice. Also known as papad or apaalam!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dining with Santdosh Part 2

Over the weekend, dear Santdosh went back to his house. So the father who was looking at the play that my sister and I did, wanted to do a replay thinking the son will be enjoying it.

Father     :  Santdosh, lets play restaurant game.

Santdosh kept quiet.Moment later..

Father    : I am going to take order. What do you want to order? Friend rice?

Santdosh: Pa, this is INDIAN restaurant. No friend rice. Only Tosai and roti chanai.

Father      : Ok! What would you like to drink? Soya? Fruit juice?

Santdosh: Pa, Indian restaurant no soya or fruit juice. Only Cofee and tea.

And he continued..

Santdosh: Appa, restaurant closed already. Time to sleep!

ha ha ha ha ha

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dinning in with Santdosh

My 3 years old nephew, Santdosh is so much fun. He was not well for couple of days, so to make him eat, dinner had to be fun. Thus, my sister decided indoor dining out at Paparich. So she set up his study table and took the order.

Nava: What do you want to order?
Santdosh: I want baby chair for Snoopy (his toy dog). Where is the baby chair!

My sister ran in to take small chair for his dog.

Nava: What would you like to order?
Santdosh: I want fried rice, nasi goreng and watermelon.

My sister went to the kitchen, served him in a tray, just like in paparich. We  gave him a tinny bell and told him to ring the bell if he need anything.Since my sister was feeding him, I had to be the waiter. He rang like zillion time.

Santdosh: Paparich uncle where are you?
Me: What can I do for you sir?
Santdosh: I want to order drink? Can I have soya?
Me: Sorry sir, we dont have soya,
Santdosh: Vitagen?
Me: No sir, no vitagen. Only fruit juice.
Santdosh: Ok fruit juice

2 minutes later...

Santdosh: Paparich uncle where are you?
Me: Yes sir, what can Ido for you?
Santdosh: Open the straw!

2 minutes later....

Santdosh: Paparich uncle, where are you. I want some more fried rice

2 minutes later, he rang again..

Santdosh: Paparich uncle where are you?
Me: Before he could open his mouth I said, you want bill sir, it RM15

My sister gave him the money and he passed it to me.

Me: How was the food sir.I hope you enjoyed it. Please come again.

He walked away, and came back and said, Shuba, the food today was not  nice!
Then he quietly went to my sister to complain.He said the food was not so nice and next time he will ask my mom to cook! Then he changed to his Pj and became the waiter.

Santdosh: What you want to order?
Shuba: I am hungry! Hungry!

He ran to the kitchen and came back with cookies in plastic, all broken.

Santdosh: Nah, here is your order. Biscuits.
Shuba: But its all broken, how I am going to eat. (I did my dramatic fake cry) are a smalll gri, I break the biscuit for you so its easy to eat.

 LOL! I was speechless! Santdosh oh Santdosh! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The secret behind my youth and smily face

My sister came back home one day after meeting Emilda (a friend of my sisters who is an unit trust agent) and commented, Emilda says, "your sister is always smiling and happy".

The secret behind my youth and smiley face, is not the tremendous facial mask I put everyday but its simply because I am a happy person! (Don't you dare roll eyes!) I am, I am!


So, coming back to my happy face! I am happy because people and things around me is so hilarious!

This is the latest thing that I heard that is so hilarious!

No 1: Hilarious thing I heard!

Nava: You know for the first time, no one is blaming the government or the Prime Minster Najib for the sinkholes. Do you know who did this?

Nava asking Santdosh to show me the pictures of gorilla near her office.

Shuba: Was naively and eagerly waiting thinking it might be from the zoo or some shows, but what I saw was..jeng jeng jeng!!!

The actual sinkhole

Transformers from the whole

Another transformer coming out of the sinkhole

Gorilla coming out from sinkhole

Even hulk coming out from sinkholes
I laughed and laughed and laughed and moment later continued laughing and laughing and laughing and still laughing! Its so unusual for our fellow Malaysian to be this hilarious, I guess the fasting month has changed them to be better person!

Some other things that made me laugh:

No 2

Santdosh was eating his dinner.....

Santdosh: Shuba!Shuba! Ask, can I have some rice?

Shuba: Anne, can I have some rice with sambar and tenggiri fish?

Santdosh: No, nothing for you!  No appa, no amma only Naughty uncle! I will put you in  the dark room.

Santdosh sings.." Yeah yeah I am going to put you in the dark room!" 

Shuba ( being little dramatic): I don't want! I don't want! No Anne, I am scared. 

Santdosh: You come! I find you a dark room...

.....and he hold my hand and drag me to a dark room

No. 3

This was before my brother-in-law left to Brazil

Sara: Santdosh, when appa go Brazil, what do you want me to buy

Santdosh: I want rice with sambar, papadam and tenggeri

Shuba and Nava laughed! "Sambar in Brazil, that will be the first"

No. 4 

See for your self...

No. 5

A man was cleaning a garden at my neighborhood yesterday....

Amma: Santdosh, if you are naughty and tell lies and beat, the naughty uncle will cath you and take you away!

Santdosh: Ammama, that is cleaning uncle!

Amma was just dumbstruk!

No. 6:

Santdosh was eating his number cookies while shuba was disturbing him...

Nava: Santdosh, enough! Can you please take last number cookie and close the container! Which number do you like?

Santdosh: I like all numbers!

Nava and Shuba: Dumbstruck and laughed!!!!

No. 7

Shuba was eating the chips from the container and Santdosh came along..

Santdosh: Can I have some too!

Shuba: Ok, only one as you going to fetch appa in the airport and I don't want you vomiting!

Santdosh took and ate

Santdosh: I like this one, can I have some more ( and he took the whole container and sat beside me)

Shuba: Baby, you need to wear your shoe. Amma waiting. Don't worry, I will keep for you. I promise I wont eat.

Santdosh: Shuba, shuba! See, see! There is 5 cockroaches inside. You cannot eat! 

he says and he eats somemore....and shuba was dumbstruck. He continued...

Santdosh: You see, its dirty! You cannot not eat.

Santdosh: Shuba, shuba! You children and I teacher. This one is teachers one, children cannot eat! Only teacher can it.

So there goes my chips!

No. 8

My sister sister-in-law brought cup cake for Santdosh. He took one and then he asked more another

Santdosh: Amma,Amma why only 2? I want 3

Nava: Why, 3?

Santdosh: Because Santdosh is 3 years old!

Darshini: So I am 19 years old, I eat 19 cake

Santdosh: You eat 19 cake lah!!!

No. 9

Nava and Shuba was talking something in Malay not wanting Santdosh to know. Santdosh was just staring.

Nava:  Why baby? Why looking?

Shuba/Nava (cant remember): Santdosh dont know Malay!

Santdosh: I know. Satu, dua, tiga...sepuluh (he counted 1-10 in Malay)

Nava and shuba dumbstruck again and laughed!

No. 10

Its hilarious as its due to my stupidity, but I deleted as I didn't want to offend some people who may read my blog! :)

With all this, everyday is a happy day! So the moral of the story, to stay young and happy, adopt Santdosh!


Amma: Mummy 
Ammama: Grandmother
Appa: Daddy
Anne: Brother
tenggiri: name of a fish
sambar: dhall
papadam: crispy  Indian chips

Monday, June 30, 2014

Fathers day celebration, 8th June 2014 @ Secret Recipe

Akka and I decided to treat Appa for Fathers day.  Appa loves this sort of things and excitements, which means we are oblige to do something. Not that he ask, but we know he thinks about it!

For the first time in many many months and probably years, we stepped out of the house with absolute no arguments or fight.  This is so unusual for 3 of us who are so vocal and opinionated. Surprisingly appa even agreed for Western food, when we all know he loves Chinese more! 

As much as we had fun, the vegetarian food at the Secret Recipe was simply yuck and the services, poor! or! Moral of the story, never go Jusco on weekends!

Appa, Santdosh, Amma and Siddy boy
Amma and Siddy boy

Akka and Santdosh
Brotherly love: Siddy boy and Santdosh

Me, akka and Santdosh

ME and my favorite boy who don't want selfie.
ME and Siddy boy

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

EBC- My dream, Kalapattar - my personal achievement, Chola Pass and Gokyo- What Was I thinking!!

Date : 3- 17th May 2014
Duration:  14 days
Destination : Everest Base Camp, Kalapattar, Chola Pass & Gokyo Ri 
Initial Itinerary as below:

Day 1: Fly to Lukla Hillary airport early in the morning (2827 mtr. 35 minutes flight) trek to Phakding (2/3 hours walking) Stay overnight at lodge.
Day 2: Trek to Namche Bazaar (3443 mtr. 5/6 hours walking) and overnight at lodge.
Day 3: Rest day in Namche Bazaar for Acclimatization.
Day 4: Trek to Tengboche (3820 mtr. 5/6 hours walking) stay overnight at lodge.
Day 5: Trek to Pheriche (4230 mtr. 4/5 hours walking) Stay overnight at lodge.
Day 6: Rest day in Pheriche for acclimatization.
Day 7: Trek to Lobuche (4900 mtr. 4/5 hours walking) stay overnight at lodge.
Day 8: Visit to Everest Base Camp (5450 mtr. 5 hours walking) early in the morning and trek back to Gorakshep stay overnight at lodge.
Day 9: Visit to Kalapattar (5545 mtr. Early in the morning for the best Everest view) trek back to Znong la(5 hours walking stay Overnight at lodge.
Day 10: Trek to Gokyo via chola pass, (6 hours walking) stay overnight at lodge.
Day 11: Early morning visit to Gokyo peak (5450 mtr.) trek back to Dole (5/6 hours walking) stay overnight at lodge.
Day 12: Trek back to Khumjung (4/5 hours walking) stay overnight at lodge.
Day 13: Trek back to Phakding (4/5 hours walking) stay overnight at lodge.
Day 14: Trek back to Lukla (3/4 hours walking) stay overnight at lodge.
Day 15: Fly back to Kathmandu by flight (35 minutes flight) stay overnight at hotel in Kathmandu.

The route to the trek

Day 1: 2 May 2014, Saturday 
Destination: Kathmandu - Lukla

Stranded at the airport due to bad weather.All flights was canceled and went back to Thamel, Kathmandu. 

All  flight delayed. Stranded at the airport 

Day 2:  3 May 2014, Sunday
Destination: From Kathmandu to Lukla to Jorselle (Friendship Lodge)
Elevation : Lukla (2,610 m ) / Jorsella (  )
Duration:  4 hours

My 12 tinny flight: Dennis, from Philippines walking in to the flight

Street/Alley in Lukla


One of the many suspension bridge

Selfie at Suspension bridge

Pakhding...on the way to Jorselle

My minimalistic 10 kg in my lodge
Dinning place

Day 3 & 4:   5-6 May 2014, Monday & Tuesday 
Destination : Jorselle to Namache Bazar (Camp De Base Hotel)
Elevation :  3,440 m
Durations: 2 hours




Days of acclimatisation

Day 5: 6th May 2014, Wednesday
Destination: Namache Bazar to Tengboche (Trekers Lodge)
Elavation: 3,867 m
Duration: 4 hours

Junction of Khumjung, Gokyo, Namache and Tengboche

Day 6-7: 7 - 8 May 2014 , Thursday & Friday
Destination : Tengboche to Dingboche
Elevation 4,360 m
Duration: 2 1/2 hours

Day 8: 9th May 2014, Saturday
Destination: Periche to Labuche
Elevation: 4,930 m
Duration:4 hours (with 45 minutes break)

Day 9: 10th Mei 2014, Sunday
Destination: Laboche to Gorak Shep and EBC (5,400m )
Elevation: 5,160 m
Duration: 6 hours

Ahead is Kalapatar and right to EBC

Everest Base Camp 


Day 10: 11th May 2014, Monday
Destination; Kalapattar (5,550 m ) - Znong La  
Elevation: 4,620 m
Duration: 8 1/2 hours 




Day 11: 12th May 2014, Tuesday
Destination : Znong La to Gokyo via Chola Pass (5,420 m)
Elevation : 4,750 m
Duration: 11 hours

Walking on the snow

Chola Pass

Day 12: 13th May 2014, Tuesday 
Destination : Gokyo Peak to Dole
Elevation: 4,040 m
Duration: 8-9 hours 

Gokyo Lake

Gokyo Peak...Opposite Everest ..glowing
Day 13: 14th May 2014, Wednesday 
Destination :  Dole - Namache Bazar
Duration: 4-5 hours

Day 14: 15th May 2014, Thursday 
Destination: Namache Bazar to Pakhding
Duration: 3 hours

Day 15: 16th May 2014, Friday
Destination: Pakhding To Lukla
Duration: 2 hours

Day 16: 17th May 2014, Saturday 
Destination: Lukla to Kathmandu
Duration: 35 minutes flight

Notes: Write up will be coming soon...